UAE Shines in Anti-Virus Protection Measure


Desperate times call for desperate measures

In the midst of a crisis, there are various people and nations who strive forward, displaying amazing and unbelievable improvements despite all odds. These people can take on any challenge or adapt to any specific changes.

Handling of the coronavirus in United Arab Emirates’ has been extremely impressive, thanks to the country’s adoption of an excellent mechanism to monitor and detect new cases, with a high readiness to deal with health emergencies, government efficiency and speed of response to developments.

U.A.E was ranked first in the Middle East, and tenth in the world, in the safety from the COVID-19, according to an updated list issued by the non-profit “Deep Knowledge” group, concerned with healthcare and artificial intelligence.


The UAE surpassed developed countries, such as Singapore, Canada, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This assessment is based on six top-level categories (Quarantine Efficiency, Government Efficiency of Risk Management, Monitoring and Detection, Health Readiness, Regional Resilience and Emergency Preparedness).

The UAE has achieved 125 points in the quarantine efficiency, 162.64 in the government efficiency of risk management, 142.35 monitoring and detection of COVID-19 cases, 72.32 in the health readiness, 99.87 in the country vulnerability of regional crisis and 121.25 in the emergency preparedness with a total score of 723.35.

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, launched the National Home Testing Programme for People of Determination, for UAE citizens and residents, to ensure all segments of the community have adequate access to testing facilities.


The programme supports and complements the efforts of the drive-through testing facility for COVID- 19 and accredited testing centers nationwide. Arrangements have also been made for people, who are unable to easily reach the testing centers, to undergo home testing. This applies especially those who are unable to move normally or who are unable to express or have difficulty communicating with others.

On the business front, the UAE Ministry of Economy has announced the reduction of fees associated with as many as 94 services provided to individuals, companies, and the business sector. Fee reductions span a range of services, particularly those related to innovation, business activities, investment, production, trade, import and export activities.

The UAE also remains steadfast in its commitment to cooperating with other countries to bolster global efforts to curb the virus’ spread. Its international position flows from its much-cherished belief that the world is like a family where one member should take care of the other.

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