How to get ISO Certification in Dubai, UAE


In your day-to-day business you may have come across ISO standards. But do you really know what ISO Standard really meant. In this blog we will explain you about the ISO standards and whether your company should really get the certification as soon as possible.

What is ISO Standard?

ISO is an independent non-governmental organization developing worldwide proprietary, industrial and commercial standards. Its history begins during 1940s in Geneva, Switzerland and works with over 160 countries worldwide.

Some of the best-known standards developed by ISO are:

ISO 9001 – Quality Management Standards

• This standard ensures that the service or the product of the organization consistently meet their customer’s requirement

ISO 14001 – Environment Management Standards

• This standard focus on enhancing the environment performance of your business. It ensures that your business continuously measure and improve the environmental impact.

ISO 45001 – Occupational health and safety Management Standards

• This standard ensure that your business manage the best safety procedures and reduce workplace hazards. Guaranteeing your employees leave for home safely.

ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management Standards

• This standard focus on providing the highest level of food safety for the end consumer throughout the life cycle of the food process.

ISO 27001 – Security Management Standards

• This standard support the business to manage the security of assets, intellectual
property, financial data, employee data and other useful data.

Advantages of obtaining an ISO Standard

• Boost confidence of the consumer that the product/services you provide are safe, reliable and are of high quality.

• Increase the efficiency of your business and decrease mistakes by implementing international standard procedures.

• Save your time and money by identifying the problems

• Improve client satisfaction and retention

• Boost employee’s health and safety

• Improving the environment impact

How to obtain an ISO Certification?

At ISO they develop the international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 45001 but they do not involve in issuing certificates. The issuance of the ISO Certification is performed by the external certification body (CB). To understand this in more detail way you could refer to the below ranking board.

Provide Accreditation for the standard body of the country

Providing license for the certification body ensuring that they follow the ISO Standards. Generally, there is only one accreditation body for a country.

Certification body is accredited to Perform audit and issue certificate stating that a company is compliant with the ISO standards.

The company that needs to obtain the ISO Certification

9 steps to complete the ISO Certification

Step 01

Choose one of the ISO Certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001)

Step 02

Choose an accredited Certification body for the ISO Certification

Step 03

Create an agreement between the company and the certification body. This contract will include the access rights, confidentiality and liability issues

Step 04

Company Document review by the ISO Auditor and note down the possible loopholes in the company against the requirement specified in the chosen ISO Standard.

Step 05

Build an action plan to eliminate these loopholes inside the company with the instruction provided by the ISO Auditor.

Step 06

Create awareness among the employees about the new procedure implemented to eliminate the loopholes and change their work process according to the ISO standards.

Step 07

The Auditor will start auditing the changes and possibly search for non-conformities. Company then asses these identified non-conformities and rectify through the processes used before.

Step 08

If the auditor is satisfied with the outcome, the ISO auditor will arrange the final audit report and forward it to the certification body.

Step 09

The Certification body will then issue the ISO Certification for the company based on the final audit report provided by the ISO Auditor.

Surveillance audits

Once a year, a surveillance audit will be conducted by an ISO Auditor to ensure that the quality of the ISO standards is being maintained by the organization.

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