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UAE e-commerce sector is the fastest growing in the middle east, You can setup your e-commerce business easily within a day with us.

    Online Consumers Increased Drastically in UAE Since Covid-19 Pandemic!

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    spending money on virtual experiences
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    of consumers purchased more groceries
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    of consumers purchased more clothes
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    of consumers purchased health products

    Why Should You Consider Setting Up Your Business in UAE

    UAE is one of the perfect location to expand your business in GCC and Mena region mainly due to the tax benefits provided by the long vision government for the offshore businesses. Currently UAE strive to grow its presence as one of the best destinations to expand your business globally.

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    Ease of Access to a Strategic Logistic Hub

    On-Site Custom Facilities

    Availability of Cost Effective Man Power

    Why Should Choose Us?

    With over 22 years of experience providing corporate services, Eagle Eye International has completed more than 8000 business projects and has been widely known for providing the most reliable and cost-effective solution for investors to set up or expand their international business within the UAE.

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